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Search result for SIC Code : 3569
Category Description: General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, NEC
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 CLEMCO INDUSTRIES CORP. - Washington, MO Phone: 63632390300
SIC code 3569
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.clemcoindustries.com

Products : Abrasive blast cleaning equipment
 COLUMBUS JACK CORPORATION - Columbus, OH Phone: (614) 443-7492
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.columbusjack.com

Products : General Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Machine Shops, Aircraft Components, Tripod Jacks, Axle Jacks, Towbars, Bead Breakers
 COMMONWEALTH UTILITY EQUIP COMPANY - Butler, PA Phone: (724) 283-8400
SIC code 5013          NAICS code 42112
Company profile

Products : Altec, Astoria, Ford, GMC, Truck Equipment & Parts, Elevators, Moving Stairways, General Industrial Machinery, Area Units, Digger Derrick, Bucket Trucks, Cherry Picker, Insulators, Utility Body, Chipper, Aerial Lifts, Cable Placer, Reel Lifters, Service
 COMPUTER MOTION INC - Goleta, CA Phone: (805) 685-3729
SIC code 3569
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.computermotion.com

Products : Medical Products, Automated Endoscopic System, Operating System for the Operating Room, Robotic Surgical System
 CONTACT SYSTEMS INC. - Danbury, CT Phone: (203) 743-3837
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.contactsystems.com

Products : Electronic Assembly Equipment, Surface Mount, PCB, Circuit Board, PC Board, SMD, Machines, SMT, Screen Printer
 DELTA DESIGN COLUMBUS - Poway, CA Phone: (858) 848-8000
SIC code 3559          NAICS code 333295
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.deltad.com

Products : Thermal, Test, Burn-In, Handler, Loader, Unloader, Semiconductor, Heatsink, Logic, Automation, Backend, ETC, BLU, TDL, Control, Power, Heat, Temperature, Conduction, ATC, PTC, Summit, HVM, UPH, Setpoint

 DELVA TOOL & MACHINE CORPORATION - Cinnaminson, NJ Phone: (856) 786-8700
SIC code 5084          NAICS code 42183
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.delvatool.com

Products : Precision Machining, Mechanical Assembly, Metrology Services. Serving the Casting, Defense and Commercial Market Place. Five Axis Milling and Six Axis Lathe Capability. ISO 9001:2000 Certified.
 DESIGN TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION - Billerica, MA Phone: (978) 663-7000
SIC code 3559          NAICS code 333298
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.design-technology.com

Products : Automation Equipment, Robotic Systems, Special Production Machinery
 DURR PRODUCTION SYSTEMS INC. - Farmington, MI Phone: (248) 478-3500
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.durrproductionsystems.com

Products : Machinery - General Industrial, Trim, Chassis, Final Assembly & Test Systems for the Automotive Industry
 ELECTRA GEAR - Anaheim, CA Phone: (714) 535-6061
SIC code 3621
Company profile     - Email this company

Products : Electra Gear, Gearing Gear Box Power Transmission Platinum Reducer, Custom Engineering, HP Conversion
 ELECTROIMPACT INC. - Mukilteo, WA Phone: (425) 348-8090
SIC code 3728          NAICS code 336413
Company profile         http://www.electroimpact.com

Products : Pulse Power Equipment, Riveting Machines, Electromagnetic Rivets, Airbus Wing Panel Machines, Boeing Spar Machines, Textron Wing Panel Machine, Drilling Machines, Servo Drill Heads, Manlifts, Large Machining
 FANUC ROBOTICS NORTH AMERICA INC. - Rochester Hills, MI Phone: (248) 377-7000
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.fanucrobotics.com

Products : Machinery, General Industrial, Robot, Automation, Fanuc, Cover Assembly, Palletizing, Welding, Painting, Packing, Dispensing, Cutting, Laser Processing

 FARVAL LUBRICATION SYSTEMS, INC. - Kinston, NC Phone: (252) 527-6001
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.farval.com

Products : Lubrication Systems, Dualine Systems, Central Pumping Units, Dualine Metering Valves, Single Line Systems, Oil Circulating Systems, M2500 Series Modular Divider Valves, GX Series Lubrication System
 FERRARA FIRE APPARATUS INC. - Holden, LA Phone: (225) 567-7100
SIC code 3711          NAICS code 33612
Company profile         http://www.ferrarafire.com

Products : Fire Trucks, Sell Equipment, Gloves, Fire Suits, Hoses Extinguishers, Pumpers, Tankers, Large and Small Rescue Vehicles, Aerial Ladders and Platforms, Aerials, Rescue Units, Mini-Pumpers, Antiques
 FIKE CORPORATION - Blue Springs, MO Phone: (816) 229-3405
SIC code 3494          NAICS code 332919
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.fike.com

Products : Pressure Relief Devices, Explosion Venting, Explosion Suppression, Explosion Isolation, Fire Suppression, Fire Detection, Fire Alarm Panels, Safety Rupture Discs, Bursting Discs, Halon Alternatives, Clean Agent, CyberCat, EPACO, ECARO-25, FM-200
Products     Capabilities    
 FILTRATION & SEPARATION DYNAMICS - Angola, NY Phone: (716) 549-2500
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 314999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.fsdfilters.com

Products : Liquid Filters, Food Products Machinery, Filter Presses, Pressure Leaf Filters, Tube Filters, Sludge Dryers, Aqua Care, Wastewater Treatment, Diatomaceous Earth Filters, Enviro-Dri, Quadra Filter Press, Pressure Nutsches, Solid Liquid Separation
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.filtrine.com

Products : Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems, Water Filters and Coolers, Drinking Fountain,Water Filters, UV Sterilizers, Process Chillers, Rectangular Fountains, Graceful Bowls On Slim Arms, Cafeteria Coolers, Electric Water Coolers, Central Chillers
 FORTE AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INC. - Rockford, IL Phone: (815) 633-2300
SIC code 3577          NAICS code 334418
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.forteautomation.com

Products : Assembly, Material Handling, Injection Molding Automation Solutions, Standard Systems, Flexible Feeding, Systems, Tray Handling, Case Packing, Palletizing, Standard Controls, Custom Solutions, Robots - Manufacturers, Automation Consultants
 FULTON PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS - Mosinee, WI Phone: (715) 693-1700
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile         http://www.fultonperformance.com

Products : Trailer Jacks, Winches, Couplers: Gooseneck, Repair Kits, Wedge Latch. Trailer Fenders, Accessories, Bike Racks: Roof Mount, Hitch Mount, Modular Components, Bike Accessories. Jacks, Marine Accessories, Power Sports, Security, Trailer Accessories
 GALLENBERG EQUIPMENT INC. - Antigo, WI Phone: (715) 623-3754
SIC code 3569
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.gallenberg.com

Products : Materials Handling Equipment, Beach Cleaners, Pusher Units, Rockpickers, Harvesters, Ginseng Equipment
 GELOK INTERNATIONAL - Dunbridge, OH Phone: (419) 352-1482
SIC code 3089          NAICS code 326199
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.Gelok.com

Products : Plastic Products, General Industrial Machinery, Produces Thin Low Dusting Superabsorbent Laminates & Composites, Laminates, Absorb Liquids, Solids and Gases, Customized Converters, Technical Services, Material Testing, Rewinding & Slitting Capabilities
 GETZ FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. - Peoria, IL Phone: (309) 673-0761
SIC code 3569
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.getzfire.com

Products : Fire Equipment, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid, Pressure Washing, Fire Training, CPR Training, Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Building Exterior Cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, Fire Systems, Concrete Cleaning
 GLASS EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT - Twinsburg, OH Phone: (330) 425-3876
SIC code 3559          NAICS code 333298
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.gedusa.com

Products : Insulated Glass Production Equipment, Computer Controlled Roll Forming Muntin Machine, Cutting Table WinCutä II, Interceptä Frame Machine, Assembly System, Motorized Rack System
 GLOBE FIRE SPRINKLER CORPORATION - Standish, MI Phone: (517) 846-4583
SIC code 3999          NAICS code 339999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.globesprinkler.com

Products : Manufacturing Industries, Sprinklers, Alarm Valves Retarding Chamber Dry Pipe Valves Accelerator Air Maintenance Services Deluge / Preaction, Nozzles Swing Check Valves Replacement Parts Water Motor Alarms
 GRECON, INC. - Tigard, Oregon Phone: (503) 641-7731
SIC code 3569
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.grecon-us.com

Products : Spark Detection, Fire Supression, Dust Explosion Prevention, Spark Extinguishing, Ember Detector, Baghouse Fire, Dust Collector Protection, pneumatic conveying, Panelboard Measuring, Moisture Meter, Thickness Gauge, Blow Detector, GreCon
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