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Category Description: General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, NEC
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 SAMSON PRODUCTS INC. - City of Commerce, CA Phone: (323) 726-9070
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 314999
Company profile         http://www.jlindustries.com

Products : Fire Extinguishers, Fire Cabinets, Access Panels, Fire Protection Equipment, Roof Hatches, Floor Mats & Gratings, Security Panels, Life Safety, Detection Equipment
 SAUNDERS & ASSOCIATES INC. - Phoenix, AZ Phone: (602) 971-9977
SIC code 3825          NAICS code 334515
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.saunders-assoc.com

Products : Manufactures Test Systems for Electronic Components, Temperature Chambers, Vacuum Systems, Quartz Crystals, Production & Test Equipment, Oscillators, Filters, Components, Discrete Component Test Equipment, Thin-Film Deposition System
 SCANDIA TECHNOLOGIES INC. - Largo, FL Phone: (727) 531-2828
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.scandiatech.com

Products : Assembly Equipment & Machinery, Industrial Control Systems, Precision Machining, Value Added Assembly
 SCHROEDER INDUSTRIES - McKees Rocks, PA Phone: (412) 771-4810
SIC code 3532          NAICS code 333131
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.schroeder-ind.com

Products : Mining, Diagnostic Equipment, Hydraulic Filters, Elements, Filters, Capital Equipment, Conveyor Belt Tensioning Devices, Belt Winders, Hydraulic Belt Clamps, Drilling Equipment, A Battery - Powered Utility Cart, Personnel Carriers and the Wheel Burro
 SERVO PRODUCTS COMPANY - Pasadena, CA Phone: (626) 796-2460
SIC code 3545          NAICS code 333515
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.servoproductsco.com

Products : Manufacturers CNC Milling Machines, Tools & Accessories; Servo II Mill Feed, CNC High Speed Drill Press, CNC Controls, Power Feeds, CNC Mini-Mills & Manual Mills, Small Precision Drill Presses, Servo II Automated 3 or 4-Axis Retrofit Control Systems
 SHANKLIN CORPORATION - Ayer, MA Phone: (978) 772-3200
SIC code 3565          NAICS code 333993
Company profile

Products : Shrink Packaging Machines, General Industrial Machinery

 SIMPLEXGRINNELL - New Cumberlin, PA Phone: (717) 761-2212
SIC code 5087          NAICS code 42185
Company profile

Products : Sprinklers Automatic Fire, Fire Protection Equipment & Supplies, Fire Alarm Systems
 SMITH FILTER CORPORATION - Moline, IL Phone: (309) 764-8324
SIC code 5531          NAICS code 45299
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.smithfilter.com

Products : Filters - Aluminum Mesh, Steel Mesh, Grease Baffles, Throwaway, Pleated, Permanent Foam, Charcoal, Electrostatic, Media - Throwaway, Washable, Expandable, Holding Frames, Paint Arrestors, Auto Rolls ' N ' Bags, Specialty Items
 SPECTRUM LABORATORIES INC. - Rancho Dominguez, CA Phone: (310) 885-4600
SIC code 3823          NAICS code 334513
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.spectrumlabs.com

Products : Manufactures Filters for Laboratory Research & Biomedical Applications, Dialysis Lab. Products, Supplier of Dialysis and Ultrafiltration Membranes, Types of Porous Membranes, Mediakap Sterilization Filters, Spectrum Labware, Dynaguard Syringe Filters
 STAINLESS DESIGN CONCEPTS - Saugerties, NY Phone: (845) 246-3631
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.stainlesssdesign.com

Products : Gas Distribution Systems, Gas & Chemical Distribution Systems, Ultra High Purity Distribution System, Used for Producing Semiconductors, 2 Cylinder Auto Switch-Over Gas Cabinet, Gas Valve Manifold Box, Oasys Coregas Delivery System
 STANDARDS TESTING LABORATORIES - Massillon, OH Phone: (330) 833-8548
SIC code 3569
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.stllabs.com

Products : Tire & Wheel ,Component Testing, Testing Systems for Industry, Transportation Testing
 STOKES CORPORATION - Bristol, PA Phone: (215) 788-3500
SIC code 3549          NAICS code 333518
Company profile         http://www.stokesdti.com

Products : Compact Presses, High Speed Tablet Presses, Metering Feed Systems, Vacuum Assist Filling, Rotary Presses for Variety of Shapes in Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Vitamin Tablets, Candies, Foods, Vali-Tab Fully Automatic Tablet Press, Deduster, Granulator.

 STREATOR DEPENDABLE MFG. CO. - Streator, IL Phone: (815) 672-0551
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile         http://www.streator-dependable.com

Products : Materials Handling Equipment, Containers, Steel Containers, Scrap Containers, Pallets, Shop Floor Material Handling, Reels, Spools, Racks, Skids, Corrugated Steel Pallets
 SUNLAND FIRE PROTECTION INC. - High Point, NC Phone: (336) 886-7027
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile         http://www.sunlandfire.com

Products : Fire Sprinkler Systems Assembly, Wet/Dry Sprinkler Systems, Preaction Sprinkler Systems, Rack Storage Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pump Systems, Ground Storage Tank Installations, Special Hazard Systems, Foam Systems, Underground Fire Line Utilities
 SUTPHEN CORPORATION - Amlin, OH Phone: (614) 889-1005
SIC code 3711          NAICS code 336211
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.sutphen.com

Products : Manufactures Custom Fire Apparatus, Fire Trucks, Pumpers, Aerial Towers, Aerial Platforms, Custom Aluminum Pumper, Mack Chassis Pumper, Sutphen Pumers
 TELEDYNE ENERGY SYSTEMS INC. - Hunt Valley, MD Phone: (410) 771-8600
SIC code 3629          NAICS code 335999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.teledynees.com

Products : Hydrogen Generators, Thermoelectric Generators, Hardware Products, Remote Power Systems, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Gas Generators, Fuel Cell Test Stands / Stations, On-Site Hydrogenation, Oxygen Gas Systems, PEM, Teledyne Energy Systems, Reformer, Energy
 TEMPLETON, KENLY & COMPANY INC., SIMPL - Broadview, IL Phone: (708) 865-1500
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.tksimplex.com

Products : Mechanical Jacks, Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Pullers, Cylinders, Toe Jacks, Hand Pumps, Power Pumps, Uni-Lift Actuators, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Air-Lifting Bags
 THE DESMOND STEPHAN COMPANY - Urbana, OH Phone: (937) 653-7181
SIC code 3291          NAICS code 32791
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.desmond-stephan.com

Products : Grinding Wheel Dressers, Dressers: Huntington, Heavy Duty, Portable Grinder, Magazine, Precision, Beltbrasive & Crackerjack, Cutters: Huntington, Disc Grinder & Scarifying, Diamond Hand Tools & Nibs, Cluster Nibs, Blanchard Grinders
 TOLOMATIC, INC. - Hamel, MN Phone: (763) 478-8000
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.tolomatic.com

Products : Power Transmission - Caliper Disc Brakes, Gearboxes, Clutches, Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders - Cable, Band, & Magnetically Coupled, Pneumatic Slides & Rotary Actuators, Electric Linear Rod & Rodless Actuators, Motors & Controls, Custom Products
 TRICO MANUFACTURING CORPORATION - Pewaukee, WI Phone: (262) 691-9336
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.tricomfg.com

Products : Lubricating, Electrical & Coolant Equipment & Mist Cooling Systems, Lubrication, Reservoirs, Oilers, Central Lubrication, Condition Monitoring, Constant Level Lubrication, Spray Cooling Systems, Liquid Level Guages, Greese Lubricators
 TRISEP CORPORATION - Goleta, CA Phone: (805) 964-8003
SIC code 3569
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.trisep.com

Products : Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration, Micro Filtration Water Treatment, X20, Turbo Clean, Membrane Filtration
 UNITED FILTERS INC. - Amarillo, TX Phone: (806) 373-8386
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company

Products : Industrial Filter Cartridges, Water Filters, Caraon Filters, Liquid Filters, Chemical Cilters, Vessels, Inter Vessels, Liquid Vessels, Chemical Vessels, Bag Filters
 UNITED STATES DRILL HEAD COMPANY - Cincinnati, OH Phone: (513) 941-0300
SIC code 3545          NAICS code 333515
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.usdrillhead.com

Products : Multiple Spindle Drilling & Tapping Heads, Multiple Spindle Boring & Milling Heads, DIN-Type Multi-Head Features, Flex System Turrets, Retool Existing Machines, Retool / Rebuild / Retrofit Existing Machines, Dial-Index Machines
 US FILTER/MEMCOR PRODUCTS - Timonium, MD Phone: (410) 252-0800
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile     - Email this company         http://www.usfilter.com

Products : Filtration Systems, Membrane Filtration, Micro Filtration, Surface Water Filtration, Waste Water Filtration
 USFLOW - Cincinnati, OH Phone: (513) 541-2330
SIC code 3569          NAICS code 333999
Company profile         http://www.usflow.com

Products : Overhead Sprinkler Systems, Pipes, Valves, Fittings for Water, Wastewater, Industrial, Stainless Steel, Pipe Fabrication, Ductile Iron, Fire Protection, Plumbing Fixtures Supplies, Sprinklers Automatic, Heating Equipment Systems
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